Coping with Coronavirus stress

Coping with Coronavirus stress

Being grateful is the most powerful way to boost the psychological immune system especially during the uncertainty created by the Coronavirus.

Elizabeth Bernstein, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, has written a very poignant article on the benefits of gratitude to one’s mental health.

In her article, she writes about David Gardner a former pro basketball player and owner of a brandishing company in Chicago. she writes, “When Mr. Gardner starts to feel frustrated or annoyed these days that he can’t meet with his employees in person, take a trip, or see a friend he interrupts his thoughts with a question-what is the gift in this situation? Focusing on the positive helps him absorb the negative.”

Jacqueline Sterling, a psychologist at McClean Hospital in Cambridge, Mass. says, “Our psychological immune system is like a cellphone battery we drain it more quickly in a crisis because we use it more, it’s more important to continue to recharge it.”

During this period, when so many things feel beyond one’s control, gratitude allows for a change in mindset.

Spending time in nature, listening to relaxing music, and paying attention to your surroundings are examples of ways to change mindset and focus on the positive.


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